Weather Airfield
Pembrey (EGOP) - Auto weather station at Pembrey Range Haverfordwest (EGFE) Airport - Pembrokeshire County Council
TAF's and METARSs - Colour coded and very useful EGFE Movements - Local enthusiasts website
Milford Docks Webcam - Looks at Pembroke Refinery Stacks (not time stamped) Airfield Manual - 2020 *** NEW ***
Met Office - Rainfall Radar/Satellite etc 
Irish Rainfall Radar
Pressure Map (BBC Weather Page for EGFE - halfway down page)
Vertical Profile Met (GRAMET) for your route (start with EGFF or a TAF airfield up wind) Members Websites
Windy City - Visually stimulating display of wind/rain/temp now includes METARS Build and Flying Log - Bob Ellis
Aberporth and other METARs (Met Office Map - requires login)

Create Aberporth METAR reporting in Sky Demon

Flying Abroad  
Fuel Drawback - Online Form and current rates found here
General Aviation Report (GAR)  
UK Govt Interactive GAR (MS Excel) with instructions
Complete it, Save it then attach it to this email click here
Wiltshire Police GAR (MS Word) - Complete it, Save it then attach it to this email click here  


UK Govt Website for matters GAR
Irish GAR (MS Word) - Complete it, Save it then attach it to the this email click here  

Thames Valley Police Interactive GAR (PDF)  not sure of the addresses it will go to but it should meet your legal requirement to submit a GAR. Try and see if Thames Valley Police complain that we are not in their area.  Dyfed Powys Police do not have an online form.

Aviation Interest Something Different - Need a Challenge?
How Rotax Aircraft Engines are Made High Sierra - great photography

Looking after VFR GA interests as Future Airspace Strategy/Policy is decided in the coming years. Club member Bob Ellis is an A4A Consultant producing papers on Integration of Drones into Class G and VFR Significant Area Register update.

Downloads Flying to Ireland
G-LAZZ Weight and Balance Sheet (XLS). Malcolm has donated this MS Excel spreadsheet and you can edit it for your own aircraft (right click > Save Target As ..)





Article by Colin Farrell - Additional notes:

The article does not note that the UK are doing away with immigration airports so the notice requirements apply to all flights irrespective of where one lands.

Birr - Do not land short on the northern runway otherwise you will get airborne again, the first hundred metres or so is very undulating. [Malcolm] - (Sounds like RW 10 at Swansea [Bob])

Newcastle - A little rough but OK [Malcolm] - (Agree but very welcoming [Bob])

Flying to Ireland (Link to Pembrokeshire County Council Website)

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