Weather Airfield
Pembrey (EGOP) - Auto weather station at Pembrey Range Haverfordwest (EGFE) Airport - Pembrokeshire County Council
TAF's and METARSs - Colour coded and very useful EGFE Movements - Local enthusiasts website
Milford Docks Webcam - Looks at Pembroke Refinery Stacks (not time stamped) Airfield Manual - 2018
Met Office - Rainfall Radar/Satellite etc 
Irish Rainfall Radar
Pressure Map (BBC Weather Page for EGFE - halfway down page)
Vertical Profile Met (GRAMET) for your route (start with EGFF or a TAF airfield up wind) Members Websites
Windy City - Visually stimulating display of wind/rain/temp now includes METARS Vans RV-8 (G-JBTR) Build and Flying Log - Bob Ellis
Aberporth and other METARs (Met Office Map - requires login) *** NEW  ***

Create Aberporth METAR reporting in Sky Demon

Flying Abroad   ** NEW ITEMS **
Fuel Drawback - Online Form and current rates found here
General Aviation Report (GAR)  
UK Govt Interactive GAR (MS Excel) with instructions **
Complete it, Save it then attach it to this email click here **
Wiltshire Police GAR (MS Word) - Complete it, Save it then attach it to this email click here **


UK Govt Website for matters GAR **
Irish GAR (MS Word) - Complete it, Save it then attach it to the this email click here **

Thames Valley Police Interactive GAR (PDF)  not sure of the addresses it will go to but it should meet your legal requirement to submit a GAR. Try and see if Thames Valley Police complain that we are not in their area.  Dyfed Powys Police do not have an online form.

Aviation Interest Something Different - Need a Challenge?
How Rotax Aircraft Engines are Made High Sierra - great photography

Looking after VFR GA interests as Future Airspace Strategy/Policy is decided in the coming years. Club members Bob Ellis and Nick Lambe are FASVIG volunteers

Downloads Flying to Ireland
G-LAZZ Weight and Balance Sheet (XLS). Malcolm has donated this MS Excel spreadsheet and you can edit it for your own aircraft (right click > Save Target As ..)





Article by Colin Farrell - Additional notes:

The article does not note that the UK are doing away with immigration airports so the notice requirements apply to all flights irrespective of where one lands.

Birr - Do not land short on the northern runway otherwise you will get airborne again, the first hundred metres or so is very undulating. [Malcolm] - (Sounds like RW 10 at Swansea [Bob])

Newcastle - A little rough but OK [Malcolm] - (Agree but very welcoming [Bob])

Flying to Ireland (Link to Pembrokeshire County Council Website)

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