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Pre-2013 PFC had a low res **** IP Camera providing an image looking towards the Preseli mountains but lacking in detail.

2013 It was realized that in addition to an image it would be useful, out of hours and prior to a long road trip, that members could have access to essential weather data like wind, pressure and humidity and also a better quality image.
Bob Ellis and Malcolm Evans setup a Watson 8681 (50) Weather Station at the southern end of the clubhouse and a Logitech 2mp Webcam inside (Donated by Jill Ellis) - The weather station data was uploaded using Cumulus Software and the webcam image using Yawcam.


2015 Initially we used the PFC computer to host the software but frequent power surges/cuts meant a solution wan needed.  Simon Martlew kindly donated a laptop but due a battery that was dead and too expensive to replace we purchased a UPS back up and this combination worked very well.

26 Feb 2016 The anemometer on the Watson 8681 seized as did the vane and it was felt a better quality weather station would be more suitable and so it was decided to purchase a Solar Powered Davis Vantage Vue - upon hearing this news Fly Wales kindly decided to cover the cost of a new HD webcam (Logitech C920).
Davis Vantage Vue:

After discussion with the airfield supervisor and a range check (325 metres - the manual says 300 metres max so we lucked in) it was decided to mount the station to the top of the airfield windsock using a clamped galvanized steel tube, which would also reduce wind direction errors previously experienced at the club house. Being on winch the windsock can be lowered so that the Vantage Vue can easily be maintained.


Due to the excellent stability of the Cumulus software it was decided to keep it for the Vantage Vue

3 March 2016











Logitech C920 Webcam:

After installing the Webcam I noticed the image was better but it was not in focus despite setting the software set to "infinity".  Google revealed that this is a known problem as infinity on a Webcam is about 10-15 ft; the designers never expected them to be used for weather observation.  Good news is there is a fix........ a -2 spectacle lens/camera view finder dioptric placed in front of the Webcam will resolve the issue.


Since updating Yawcam it was noted at the airfield and with Bob's bird box Webcam that the software had become unstable and we could not revert to a previous version so we are testing WebcamXP

September 2016


Settled on AT32 Comcam software (paid version) as we host the Cumulus weather station software and the webcam on a small notebook that doesn't like hungry software like Yawcam and Webcam XP.  AT32 hardly uses any CPU power but I had to reset the notebook every few weeks and it appeared to be AT32 flagging up an ad to buy the paid version that was causing the issue. So we paid for the full version ($20 + tax) and so far so good.

April 2019


After having problems in 2018 with the software/webcam/notebook combination we have settled on a SV3C POE IP HD Camera, running on I-Spy Open Source Software and a refurbished laptop running Windows 10 - touch wood the system seems to be pretty stable. The Davis weather station and Cumulus software continue to be 100% reliable - a great investment by the club.


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